Are you on auto-pilot?  Overloaded?  Sacrificing workouts because you feel too damn busy?

We’ve got you covered.

Most days we wake up, reach for the phone, and check all our emails and social media before our feet even hit the floor.  We all do it, and we all know it’s the best possible way to have a crappy start. For most of us our mornings are a routine race against the clock instead of the glorious fresh start they should be.

Revving up our commitment to fitness and healthy living is pointless if it’s adding stress…there’s no use building our strongest, hottest bod if we’re shaving years off our lives by feeling like we’re constantly racing to make things happen

Here are our 5 favourite ways to slow down and CHOOSE awesome.

Screenless mornings.

Let’s wake up and BE in our world.  Our emails and newsfeeds aren’t going anywhere, right?  Let’s take ONE HOUR in the morning to wake up and set the tone of the day before diving into technology.  Enjoy morning coffee and breakfast.  Put some good music on.  Take ten minutes and jot down a few goals and even a few things we’re grateful for.  Now THAT’S a sure-fire way to start the day right.

Cut yourself some slack.

Adopting healthier habits isn’t about hating ourselves every time we fall of the rails and have a secret poutine binge in the car.  Not that I would ever do anything like that - I’m just saying, people might accidentally go through the drive-through. Cheesy fries covered in gravy can happen, especially to Canadians. What do you do?  Press the Revkor™ Reset Button of course!  It’s magic and works every single time.

Take a smoke break. Sort of.

Cigarettes may be dodgy but smokers do have one thing figured out.  It’s kind of ironic that if you took the cigarette out of the mix, this habit could be the best thing going.  Imagine if we all took 5 minutes 10 times a day to chill the hell out and BREATHE?  Can we take 5 minutes, three times during our work day to go outside, get some vitamin D, and BREATHE?

Say yes.

Let people help you.  If someone offers you a little assistance, let go of control and consider saying yes, just like we did with this Boyfriend Salad.

Have a hot date. Square.

Yes, taking time for a hot date is a great way to work off some tension, but so are these Hot Date and Coconut Squares.  Pour yourself a cup of tea and indulge in a healthy treat while you crack open a fabulous book.  We know you’re busy, but don’t we all have 15 minutes for a juicy novel and chocolate?

Bonus Tip:

Hit the bands.


Choose to have an awesome Monday revNATION.  You’ve got this.