We think September is the new January.

Don’t regret a moment of your glorious summer fun!  We never feel guilty about living life to the fullest…this is why the bands exist!  Revkor is here to balance it all out.

There’s a reason our manifesto is:

Work out. Eat clean. Live fully.

An incredible workout combined with awesome, clean food choices is our surest way to our strongest, most badass bod and our healthiest, most energetic self.

But what’s all that fitness awesomeness without balanced living?  What’s summer without the ice cream truck, a pool-side margarita, a burger off the grill?

Summers are SHORT so we soak it up - dock-side and deck-side - grilling good eats and cocktailing.

For the final weeks of summer, we’ve been hearing you loud and clear.  It’s time for a Revkor Reset, and we don’t need a New Year’s Resolution to make that happen! Fall is the truest fresh start.  With the excitement of transitions, possibilities and new beginnings abound - why not jump on board?


Here’s how we’re getting back to business post Labour Day!  

  1. Live NOW:  Revkor studios are for ALL BODIES, all the time.  Leave judgment some place else and be your own best cheerleader - the moment we live for is this one. Waiting until we feel thinner/stronger/happier/different to choose your best life is a habit we’ve all had at some point.  Change it now.
  2. Embrace routine: Summer spontaneity is awesome, but after all those Free Pass Fridays, a little Fall routine feels so good! Pre-book your classes online well in advance and make that time you’re dedicating to yourself non-negotiable.
  3. Meal plan: whether you’ve got kids at home or not, embrace the lunch box! Pre-plan and prep your meals and snacks the best you can.  Having clean, delicious food at the ready means you won’t rush out for lunch-time pizza.
  4. RevFAM lovin’: It’s no secret that Revvers love Revvers….a lot. Whether you already come to class with a friend or have made a Rev BFF, stats prove that we hit workouts harder and more consistently when we promise to meet a friend.  RevFAM helps us keep it real!
  5. Live fully: some people love all-or-nothing challenges and detoxes, but sometimes extreme approaches can set us up to fail.  That’s why we love our twice-annual 8-week Revkor Shred, (stay tuned - next one in November!) which helps establish a super-healthy, balanced lifestyle.  Go easy on yourself, live judgment free, and make the best choices you can day by day.
  6. Crush it: That said, bring your A-game to the bands!  See yourself meeting your goals in your mind and go forward, one step at a time.