Meet hardcore Cambridge Revver Louise.

She’s mom to Thomas, 14, Matthew, 7 and Benjamin - just over 6 months.  This 38 year-old mama didn’t waste any time post-baby…we’re pretty sure the docs cut the cord and Louise jogged promptly to the bands!

Revkor was just what Louise says she needed post baby-Benjamin. 

“By week-2 of Revkor, I already felt my body strengthen.  I decided to take a leap and try revMIX, where I heard my instructor say ‘you can do anything for a minute’!   That motivating phrase is where I focus my thoughts.  Unless my body physically cannot go anymore, my new mantra is now this saying. Even though it’s just a few words of encouragement, for me it keeps my mind focused, knowing the harder I work I know I’ll see results. Guaranteed!”

We’ve watched Louise become so strong and vibrant, from the inside-out.

“I believe in myself more now than I ever have. And I know the physical part of me can do it as long as the mental part of me pushes through,” she shared.

Whether you’re a new mom, new to working out, or just deciding to get active for the first time, Louise tells us why Revkor is her chosen workout for life!


A Revvers Top 7 Reasons to Hit the Bands!

1. Do things you never thought your body could!

“With rev you can perform movements and positions with the aid of the bands. They give you leverage to move in a way you cannot, especially with plyometric movements.”

2. Anyone can do it.

“My instructors gave me all the modifications I needed due to loose joints and instability from pregnancy. I was feeling stronger every second.”

3. The classes feel like you’re with a personal trainer.

“True story.”

4. Core, core, core.

“So many moms wish for the same core stability they experienced pre-baby, and the bands deliver.  I feel muscles that I’ve never felt before. My core is strong in a way it has never been with other workouts I’ve done in the past.”

5. Good form comes easy.

“If you listen to the cues, your body gets into the perfect form to follow each exercise to the best of your ability. I don’t often have to wonder if I have to correct position or posture. The bands do it for me.”

6. Reshape your body.

“Nothing has changed me the way Rev has. I see shape in my torso, arms and shoulders. Even my legs are looking leaner.”

7. So fun it’s criminal.

“I’ve had a lot of gym memberships over the last 20 years. I’ve always felt like a number. With Rev you walk in and people motivate and support each other. It’s rewarding, and a fantastic feeling.”

Bonus Point!

We’d like to add our own…when you come to Revkor, you get to work out with badass people like Louise!

When asked for a few words to sum up what she’s all about, Louise says, “I find great peace in helping others, it truly warms me to know I’ve been able to help someone through good or bad times. I’m very loyal. Love a glass (or two) of wine with some good cheese.”  This is why we call her #CheeseLouise; you can usually count on at least one Instagram a week from Louise featuring a drool-worth cheese board.

It’s all about balance for this inspiring super-mom!

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