We live in a dynamic world.

We need a workout to match.

Revkor is a workout designed for real life.  Not only will you look and feel sensational, you’ll be building a body that takes you strongly through the activities of your life.

How does this work?  It’s a magic relationship between the dynamic Revkor™ systems and some of the smartest, strongest sequencing available in the world of fitness.  Our workouts ask more from your body, teaching it to move efficiently and building the kind of strength that used to be reserved just for athletes.  The bands both challenge and assist you, helping you maintain optimal form while working your body in ways you’ve never experienced.

Is Revkor™ right for you?  Depends…do you want to look and feel stronger and more vibrant than ever? Revkor™ students show up at all ages, sizes, and levels of fitness. The benefits and features are vast.

Lose weight.

Our revMIX workouts are your best bet for weight loss.  If clean-eating feels right for you, you’ll amp up your results, tenfold.


Build an incredibly powerful core, also improving stability around all major joints in the body.

Build grip strength.

Consistent use of the bands with our soft and comfy grips improve your hand and wrist strength - often great for people with degenerative arthritis and old injuries.

Wake up your inner superhero.

There’s something so fun and empowering about Revkor™ sequences.  You’ll start feeling powerful from the inside.


Physiotherapists and other practitioners love our sequences, saying many Revkor™ movements support injury rehab and recovery.

Gain flexibility, strength, agility.

Move like an athlete.  This is functional fitness at its finest.

Jump like a 5 year old.

In our revMIX sequences, the bands assist our movements by giving us “spring” and softening our landing.  Students with low-body joint issues often say the bands allow them to embrace a pain-free, hardcore cardio workout for the first time in years.

Be balanced.

Many of our classes contain yoga-inspired movements and concepts, helping build a balance of effort and ease.

Meet cool people.

For some reason Revkor™ people are just the coolest.  We can’t explain it, but you’ll see!

Step up your game.

Whatever you do - climb, run, yoga, play sports, chase your kids…Revkor™ makes you better at what you love.