The Philosophy

Revkor™ is for the courageous. Designed to empower, Revkor™ workouts ask us to step up to the plate.

This is the Revkor™ manifesto, inspired by all of YOU.


We believe in living well.  A rich, healthy life doesn’t just happen…we have to make choices that support our well-being, goals and dreams!  We also believe in having fun – life isn’t all workouts and kale smoothies.  Our approach includes space for little indulgences and acknowledges that sometimes the best workout is a laugh-attack with your best friends.

The Revkor™ community supports you in your healthy living choices through our twice annual revSHRED challenges, and daily inspiration and motivation on our blog.


The entire body gets stronger, more stable, and before long, ready for the next challenge.  People keep coming back because this workout changes how we feel - inside and out -immediately.  Unparalleled stability.  Greater agility.  Strength with integrity.

Eat clean.

Couple workouts with a practical, balanced approach to clean eating for maximum results and a more vibrant life overall.  Feed your muscles.  Buy local.  Eat delicious food.  Feel amazing.

Live fully.

An energized body fuels an inspired spirit.  When we feel strong and empowered, we simply become more alive; we embrace our passions and do what we love.  It’s not all about working up a sweat at the gym…we use that strength to climb mountains, see countries, be in this beautiful world.