The Revkor Shred is back - this time with a kick!

The stronger Revvers get at the bands, the tougher you get when it comes to life challenges, too.  We see our crew strengthen more than their bodies. Before long, we all get a little fire inside, driving us to make things happen.  That’s why this Shred will include MORE than fitness tips and recipes.

This time, we’ve recruited our very own business and life coaches, mentors and partners to team up with us - just for you. Each week, you’ll receive tips, videos, offers and more right to your inbox, exclusively for the Shred crew.  We’ll help you stay on track with meal prep, band-crushing, and life goals.  With this kind of support, you’ll be ready to take on the world this summer!  A huge value, because we want you to succeed.

Summer 2016!  Say hello to your strongest, healthiest self.


Work out: Hit the bands hard as often as you can!

Eat clean: We give you all the tips and support you could dream of.

Live fully: It’s about balance…this isn’t a detox or cleanse; these are changes for life.  Speaking of living fully, if you feel like setting MORE than fitness goals, there couldn’t be a more perfect time.

Commit!  Nothing happens if we don’t dedicate ourselves…you’ve got this!

The Revkor Summer Shred Kit: $38 Early-bird price!*

At your request, we’re going back to the formula you loved from our very first Revkor Shred, delivering all the coaching you need to your inbox instead of social media!  When you sign up, you’ll receive:

  • EXCLUSIVE coaching right to your inbox!
  • A surprise gift-pack - a couple secret treats from Ange + Erin just for Summer 2016 Shredders! Delivered to the studio and ready for pick-up before April 18th.

Brand new to Revkor™?

Perfect!  People love Revkor for lots of reasons - especially because it works.  Your workouts should be effective and bring you the changes you’re looking for.  Commit to yourself, set some goals, and find results.  Your studio will have a Shred pass designed for new members that will carry you through the 8 week program.

What’s happening in-studio?
You know how we roll! Check in with your Revkor studio in person and on social media for updates on events, challenge boards, prizes, workshops and other encouragement along the way! Nothing but 8 weeks of high-energy, crazy-good times.

How can I sign up?
Check in with YOUR studio to find out how to sign up for the Revkor Shred!

WHAT will I EAT?

This is NOT a detox! This Shred is full of delicious food that you will LOVE prepping and eating.
We’ll be sharing our favourite ways to clean up our eating for maximum health and vibrancy.

We’ll work to eliminate:

  • processed, packaged foods
  • dairy (don’t get all crazy, cheese fiends! More on this soon!)
  • refined sugar


  • gluten
  • booze (Yup…even with patio weather coming around the corner! We’re Revvers…we don’t mess around)
  • caffeine (don’t panic, more on that over the coming weeks)

Load up on:

CLEAN!  This is the no-brainer part:

  • fresh veggies - greens, greens, greens!
  • WHOLE foods like fruits, grains, lentils, good quality eggs…
  • lean, organic meats (best quality you can afford)
  • superfoods
  • lots of hydration!

Can I cheat?
It’s not really about that, do whatever you want! You answer to yourself.  The Revkor™ Shred is about doing our best to make the good choices for our health one day at a time. That’s why it’s 8 weeks…plenty of time to create healthier habits and relationships with the food we choose to eat. Why we make those choices and how we respond is what this challenge is all about! (Pizza bender? There’s nothing more handy than the Revkor Reset!)

You’ll get encouragement via social media along the way, but all the juicy stuff will come right to your inbox each week.

Get ready to SHRED revNATION - like never before!


Erin, Ange + crew.

*Regular Shred price is $48 - so sign up before April 4!