Want to help changes bodies AND lives?

Have what it takes?

Why Revkor™?

 If you don’t already know what we’re all about, explore our website, watch our videos, and get acquainted with this Canadian-born company that has people obsessed with resistance training again.  Revkor instructors need to have edge and feel pumped to help people crush a workout that’s as fun as it is tough.  This workout delivers serious results - you’ll feel incredible sharing it.


Where can I teach?

Revkor™ classes are only offered in Revkor™ locations and existing Revkor™ affiliate studios.  To apply for training, you must be aligned with an existing or newly-opening studio with an endorsement from the studio owner.  Please note, not all trainees pass our program.  Teaching Revkor is super-fun but also very challenging…be prepared to step up to the plate!


Who teaches Revkor™?

More than the country’s best workout, we’re fitness people with a serious passion for service.

We consider ourselves a hospitality-based fitness crew.

If you have a lifetime of group fitness experience, love doing curls in the mirror, or having long conversations about chakras, you may not be a fit.

The best Revkor instructors are people who:

love providing a killer client experience

may have a hospitality background (bar, resto, hotel)

are open to progressive ideas

have a serious passion for fitness

It starts at Level One Training.

Learn the basics

with our Level 1 Foundations.

Our new certification program now provides instructors with the foundations they need to teach all facets of Revkor™ - including our no impact and high-intensity classes - with a solid understanding of our company’s hospitality-based vision and philosophy. Teachers will leave training armed with two sequences to practice.  Please note - we do not pass all trainees…you’re gonna have to crush it.

No Impact Sequences

Learn the basic teaching methodology for our no-impact sequences.  Gain an understanding of the benefits of suspension-based resistance training using our approach.

High-Instensity Sequences

Revkor’s revMIX and revFIX classes are a killer workout with unique features like reduced impact and unparalleled core strengthening.  You’ll learn how to amp it up and deliver this style of class like a champ.

Revkor Methodology

We focus on two methodology segments: instruction and hospital.  You’ll learn how and why we teach the way we do, and you’ll also discover how we build that awesome feeling within our studios.

The very best faculty.

Angela Rivard

Creator + Founder

Erin Moraghan

Partner + Business Developer

Doug Stacey

Trainer + Physiotherapist

Madeline Anderson

Lead Instructor

A training designed to empower.

Everything you need to know in 5 Days!

Over 5 days, you’ll learn everything you need to know to start teaching Revkor™. Get inspired by our business coaches and industry leaders, and leave feeling ready to make big things happen!


  • Sequence overviews
  • Sequence breakdowns
  • Sequence cueing
  • Pose/movement benefits, contraindications, adjustments and modifications
  • Cue troubleshooting

Resistance Suspension System

  • Equipment training overview
  • Equipment function and maintenance
  • Troubleshooting


  • Learn concise cueing and timing tips
  • Develop your instructing skills through class observation, class participation, and practice teaching in groups

Revkor™ Business Practices

  • Get the overview of our business model
  • Learn tips and tricks to Rev up your business as an instructor!
  • Get motivated and inspired by our industry pros! Learn how to build a profitable and rock-solid community of revvers

The Revkor™ Life

  • Learn about our manifesto and how it applies to your teaching: Work out, eat clean, live fully
  • Become familiar with Revkor™ history and become part of our vision for the future
  • Learn about our clean-eating challenges, volunteer leadership, and more

Apply for the next training.

Revkor™ Level 1:  WINTER 2017


Only 12 spots available.

Cost: $1288.  Apply now:

Click here to APPLY NOW!


To attend certification you must be an existing certified personal trainer, fitness or movement instructor and be endorsed by the Revkor studio owner you’ll be teaching for.

Contact us with any questions at certify@revkor.com


Continuing Education

What about Level Two Training?

Ongoing training can be purchased online after the successful completion of your Level One Training.

Certify in new sequences, stay connected to the community, and get access to teaching tips and more. Learn more at Level One training.