The Revkor™ manifesto is:

Work out.
Eat clean.
Live fully.

Our definition of eating clean is simple:

  • reduce or eliminate gluten
  • reduce or eliminate dairy
  • eliminate refined sugars
  • eliminate processed foods
  • load up on whole foods (think things that don’t come in packages like nuts, seeds, veggies and fruits…)
  • buy the best quality meats and eggs you can locate and afford, like local, organic, grass-fed

Are you new to eating clean? The beginning of every shift can feel uncomfortable.  As the body flushes out chemicals and toxins from sugars, processed foods and alcohol, we are likely to feel a little icky before we feel great.  Soon though, you’ll undoubtedly experience the vibrancy that clean eating provides!

 What keeps you going?  Tell us on social media!  These are our top reasons!

  1. THE GLOW!  Eating clean is great for our skin.   Not only does it give us clear, glowing skin, giving our bodies the food it needs (think healthy oils like avocado, coconut, flax…), overall great nutrition can mean smoother, brighter skin, balancing hormones and even reducing the appearance of age spots and wrinkles!
  2. THE ENERGY!  The body starts feeling like a well-fuelled machine.  Workouts feel stronger and we have more energy for the things we love.
  3. WELLBEING.  Doesn’t it feel good to know we’re feeding our bodies the things it needs for optimal health and reduced inflammation?  Because eating clean includes so many veggies, our digestive system becomes a well-oiled machine, helping the rest of the body to function at its best.  We feel nourished, healthy, happy!
  4. HELLO ABS!  YES, feeling healthy is important but let’s be honest…aren’t you loving that flat tummy?  With reduced sugars, dairy, gluten, we reduce inflammation in the body (including the belly), eliminating that bloated feeling.