Before we changed our name to Revkor™, we launched a “FLXtreme SHRED” challenge in late 2014, challenging hardcore FLXers to join us in a pre-holiday clean-eating challenge.  We thought maybe we were a little crazy - who would want to commit to 7 weeks of mega-healthy food and workouts before Christmas?  150 members - that’s who!  The London Market community knocked our socks off, amping up their workouts, sharing recipes together, making protein-rich snacks for each other…it was incredible.  One of the brightest shining stars was Vanessa Romphf.  Vanessa shared every single healthy family meal and inspiring motivation on social media, becoming a true SHRED champion for her fellow challengers.  We fell so in love with Vanessa that we encouraged her to become a Revkor™ teacher…we knew students would love her vibe!  Below, Vanessa - a young mom and serious multi-tasker-  shared her love for Revkor™!  Stay tuned for our next SHRED challenge…!

“I have pretty much always been an avid health and wellness freak and a gym buff.  I didn’t understand why I couldn’t get my body to a point where I felt comfortable until I tried Revkor™. I took a chance with a Groupon and immediately fell in love, not only with the passionate owner of the London studio but the workout itself.  After my first visit, I was overwhelmed with the amount of core and stabilizing muscles I was always using, and was sore in places I’ve never been able to work out before.  I was hooked! I advanced through the sequences until I found revMIX and again - I fell deeper in love!  The 2014 SHRED challenge opened the doors to the incredible community that is Revkor™ and kept us all in check.  It was then, I saw my ‘last 10’ pounds’ melt away (now 13) and what was left was the body I have always been working for: long lean and defined muscles! It left me feeling like - is this really my body? Well, it is!!! And I plan to keep it this way! Member for life!”

~Vanessa - Revkor Training Grad 2015