Most of you are already Revvers and know that when it comes to getting the very best fitness experience, you get what you pay for.  So we’re gonna ask you to share this post and help others re-think their strategy.  Even though resolutions may have slipped through the cracks,  it’s not too late for people to kick the new year off right…it’s Fresh Start February!

If you locked into a cheap gym membership in January, join the club.  

Market research shows that gym membership sales skyrocket by as much as 40-60% each January.  What happens to that Near Year’s Resolution crowd?  Some studies say that up to 80% of members who purchase a January membership stop attending the gym by mid-February (even though they continue to pay for the rest of their contract).

A fact that doesn’t sting too badly, now that most big-box gyms are selling memberships at bargain basement prices.  We’ve even seen them as low as $10 per month! What a deal, right? You can barely get a decent latte for that price!

Obvious fact alert: Gyms sell cheap memberships because they know you’re not likely to actually show up.  It’s a numbers game based on high-volume sales.  Most studies show that between 14-18% of people who have a gym membership actually use it, and major fitness facilities count on these stats to keep their business strategy rolling strong.

Instead of handing over money every month to a company that makes your personal fitness failures their business model, why not support facilities that actually want you to show up, love your workout, and succeed?

Here’s something we know for sure:  if you want a game-changing workout, you’re not going to find it at the hamstring curl machine or this antiquated, plate-loaded calf raise thingie.

The top reasons people SUCCEED in personal fitness are based on authentic experiences and successes. We stick with our goals when we:

  • LOVE the place we work out in
  • receive ongoing training, motivation, and specialized attention
  • feel like we’re progressing in strength and ability
  • feel like we’re part of something bigger than just a workout
  • tackle fitness goals with a friend (or a bunch of friends!)
  • are given the tools to live a healthy overall lifestyle

This is about way more than our fitness company, this is about truly buying into the idea that your health is of paramount value, and that your goals are worth achieving.  Invest in yourself by treating yourself to a fitness experience that will be a lifestyle game-changer.  When you support an independently owned studio or fitness facility, odds are you’re handing your hard-earned money over to someone who believes so much in helping you be your best, that they put everything on the line for it.

At Revkor, we want you to show up.  You hitting the bands, getting strong, and loving your workout is the reason we get up in the morning - true story.

Here’s to every small business renegade that opens the doors to their facility every morning, because that’s where the magic happens.  Take a fresh start this February, and go get yourself a membership that will actually get you the rockin’ bod and all the good, healthy feelings you so totally deserve.  If it happens to be at Revkor, then lucky us!  We can’t wait to see you at the bands and show you how worthwhile your investment is and how much we appreciate it every single time a new member takes the leap.