Erin Moraghan runs Revkor™ with her superstar partner Angela Rivard. She is a writer, Revkor™ instructor, yoga teacher, and business-builder. But who really cares? We’re here to talk about kale and muscles. Let’s do this!


Welcome to our very first Revkor™ Shred, starting this Tuesday April 7th!  This is KIND OF A BIG DEAL.  Here’s why.  When we were still called FLX, we thought we’d see if there were a handful of hardcores who wanted to do a clean-eating challenge with us over the 2014 Christmas.  CHRISTMAS!  We figured we’d get about five takers, but our revNATION is made of some of the most dedicated people going.

With almost 150 shredders, we were blown away by the results.  We watched this community show up at the bands daily.  Sure - inches were lost, muscles were built, but something way cooler happened.  Friendships formed.  Lives changed.  Families changed.  Each day, our London SHRED team became stronger - together.  Revvers were encouraging each other on the mat, sharing recipes online and bringing healthy homemade treats to the studio.  Participants shared stories about how their way of eating and being was changed for life…that they were feeding their families in healthier ways.

Now we open up our Revkor™ Summer Shred to the entire community - to our Revkor™ crew at Moksha Yoga Cambridge  and to anyone who wants 7 weeks of encouragement and tips to get the best body of your life for summer.

 Best body, huh?  Yes.

Our Revkor™ manifesto is:

  • Work out.
  • Eat clean.
  • Live fully.

We think our workout is the best - hands-down.  But a truly strong, healthy body is nourished and fuelled with whole, clean foods.  We can work out all we like, but smart food choices are vital - not just to look fabulous but to actually be fabulous!  We think clean eating is just as important as consistent fitness, and this is why we believe in our 7 week shred model.  This isn’t a diet, and it’s not a quick fix.  It’s dedicating almost two months to making healthier choices together, to build healthy new habits we keep with us for life.

We also believe in full living, which means that this Shred isn’t about having no fun at all.  Have a cocktail; make your fave pizza!  Most of all, do more of the things you love - because a healthy, vibrant body wants you to hike, surf, paint, play…  This Shred is about recreating our way of being, which includes good times and delicious food.

Here’s the basics.

We work to eliminate or at least seriously reduce:

  • gluten
  • dairy
  • refined sugars
  • processed, packaged foods
  • caffeine
  • alcohol
  • artificial sweeteners

And include a bounty of:

  • fresh veggies and fruits
  • whole foods in their natural forms
  • lean, organic meats
  • lots of hydration!
  • superfoods
  • healthy fats

Our shopping trip to prep this weekend should be pretty easy.  We’ll spend way less time in the aisles, getting most of our food from the produce section.  We’ll be sharing recipes on Facebook, and before you go shopping we seriously recommend doing some meal-planning for the week so all your fresh food gets eaten.   And of course, if you have any health or dietary issues, use your common sense and always listen to your doctor whenever you’re making any kind of adjustment to your nutrition!

Here are some basics to get you started:

  • greens of any kind!
  • brightly coloured veggies
  • fresh herbs like dill, basil, etc.
  • garlic, onions, ginger
  • fruit in moderation - more on this later!
  • lemons - they’re magic!
  • quinoa
  • gluten free oats
  • eggs
  • if you eat meat - the best quality available to you.  Lean, organic, grass-fed, local…the best and most ethical you can afford/get your hands on.
  • organic, cage-free eggs
  • apple cider vinegar with “the mother” (if you’re new to ACV, this is the weird floaty stuff in the bottle, that’s where the goodness is)
  • chickpeas
  • mary’s crackers
  • nuts, seeds, no-sugar nut and seed butters
  • coconut oil and grass-fed or regular organic butter

If you’re a big lover of coffee, listen to your body.  We recommend drinking awesome quality coffee from local roasters - in our towns we love Fire Roasted Coffee Co. and Monigram Coffee Roasters.  Go for quality over quantity.  If you’re big on that drive-thru double-double action, or have a penchant for mocha lattes with extra whip…that’s a vice you might want to sacrifice.

Know that it’s normal to feel strange, headachy, and downright pissed off when you’re eliminating the icky foods your body is essentially addicted to, like preservatives, refined sugars, and crap-loads of chemicals from packaged foods.  Be nice to yourself, drink lots of water, and know that it will pass.

These are just some basic ideas.  Stay tuned to our blog and social media for ongoing recipes, tips, encouragement and more!  You’ve got this revNATION!  And we’re all 100% here for each other.  Reach out, connect, and SHARE your own tips on Facebook and Instagram, using the hashtag #revkorshred.

Here we go!