When being strong means doing nothing at all.

Twice each year we launch an 8 week challenge in our studios.  With the Rebellion, there’s no goal outfit, or tracking of pounds and inches, and certainly no going hungry.  Instead, we follow an 8 step coaching process designed to help us think more positively, set goals more effectively, and create healthy habits that can sustain us far beyond the 8 weeks. Most of us don’t realize how conditioned we’ve been to have a love-hate relationship with food and fitness, two things which should bring us so much joy!

Here’s the hardest part.

We might think that the most demanding part of a challenge like this is being diligent about meal prep, learning how to do some pretty tough fitness moves, or staying the course over a girl’s weekend or trip south.

It’s not.

There’s one thing that so many of our new Rebels struggle with, but our returning challengers even more.  Once we’ve created this gutsy, unstoppable Rebel lifestyle, what happens when we need to STOP?

Sometimes real life happens, right?  Sometimes it’s something simple that slows us down, like a cold or an achy knee from an old injury. And sometimes it’s not simple one bit.  Real life includes losses, divorces, ups and downs with health, or attending to someone else’s needs. These things can throw us right off our game, so it’s vital that we remember this:

We’re creating a healthy life. 

Our bodies and our wellbeing need to be with us for the long-haul.  Sometimes the healthiest thing we can do is stop to heal, rest, and recover, so that we’re strong on the other side.  It’s easy to get into a cycle of feeling like we’re failing, or even questioning who we are when our healthy habits are put to the test.

This is actually the whole point of the Rebellion.  

We’re not saying an 8 week challenge isn’t hard, but life is a hell of a lot harder.  The Rebellion challenges us to define who we are for ourselves, and never lose sight.  Whether we’re down for the count with a little flu or something a more life-altering, it’s up to us to take good care and get ourselves to the other side.

Remember this, when you need to slow down, Rebel-style:

If you thought our Rebel Superpowers were designed to help us crush workouts and be ultra hardcore, you’re right!  But they also work like a dream when we need a little love.

  1. We’re focused and disciplined enough to get back to our workouts when we’re feeling strong and rested. We GET to slow down today.
  2. It takes GRIT to accept obstacles as part of the road to success.
  3. The ONE Force keeps us focused on the big-picture, staying connected to the healthy habits we can.  Eating well and nourishing our bodies is something we can always do, and it makes us feel good from the inside out.
  4. The Power of YET reminds us that achieving small and big goals is a process. We’ll get there!
  5. We need the STEAM to stay the course. Sometimes a Rebel need to refuel the tank.
  6. There’s nothing wrong with slowing down when we need to.  Taking care of ourselves is a GOOD thing.
  7. Positive mental attitude helps us focus on the BIG picture, embracing all the twists, turns and sh!t piles we sometimes find along the way!
  8. A true REBEL doesn’t let out own negative thinking or what others have to say bring us down. If we’re being true to ourselves, that’s all that counts.  It takes a lot of guts to walk your own road!

Whether we just need a quiet afternoon with a good book, or are off our workouts for bigger reasons, let’s remember this: The Rebellion is for all parts of life, and we’ve got this.