We’re passionate believers in the importance of safe, supported, functional movement, with goals to be strong and stable for life. Want to improve your body’s function for optimal health and mobility? Book a physiotherapy assessment now.  Covered under most insurance plans. This program is for members only. 


Individuals and Teams

Director Erin Moraghan oversees our Elite Coaching program, offering private training sessions and focused training in small groups. This is the perfect option for members who want support reaching their goals through targeted, custom-designed training and support.  Our use of resistance bands is also perfect functional training for elite athletes, improving performance in any sport. Please note, individual training is for members only. Space is very limited.

For the past two decades, Erin has taught movement and fitness to all from kids and seniors to elite athletes, including the Toronto Maple Leafs, Hamilton Ti-Cats, MMA athletes, and many more. She has also delivered corporate wellness programs across Canada, and developed a nation-wide fundraiser in support of movement, recruiting thousands of participants and raising millions for autoimmune disease research. Her signature teaching style focuses on helping people move well for all the real-life activities and sports they love.

Justine the R.D. & Associates

Registered Dietitian 

Paige McDonald, Registered Dietitian joins our clinic for in-person and online nutrition consulting. Huge believers in science-based food coaching, we love working with RDs as this is the only regulated nutrition professional in Ontario. Real eating support from real professionals. The team is here for you whether you’re looking for some simple direction or need in-depth support for some of the following: IBS, celiac disease, digestive health, sport nutrition, meal planning, weight management, chronic disease management (type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, etc), allergies/intolerances, vegetarian/vegan nutrition, hypothyroidism, review of blood work and nutrition-related implications, family nutrition (including nutrition for toddlers/infants/teens/etc. for any moms/dads who might be interested in learning more), nutrition during pregnancy/lactation, menopause and peri-menopause, nutrition & aging. RD coaching is for members only.

Collective Movement Osteopathy

Sarah Hindmarsh M. OMSc

Since so many of our members already see Sarah Hindmarsh for treatment, we’ve invited her to join us!  Sarah comes to the table with a strong history of movement training, so she understands how Revkor members are moving their bodies in classes. New patients welcome.  Osteopathy works to correct the root cause of the issue. Gentle, non-invasive adjustive care assists the body out of imbalanced postural and mechanical strains allowing the body to heal itself.

This service is for members only.

Youth and Team Training

As we develop She Runs the World - free programming for girls 11-15 - we’ve identified a strong need for performance training and support for teens. Revkor is a stability-focused workout, a key facet to sustainable athletic ability and performance. Many team coaches and therapists have already defined band-based movement as the most supportive on and off-season cross-training for athletes, which is why we’ve developed the option to train teens one-on-one or in team groups.  Contact us with questions and booking requests. Youth Elite Coaching (individual sessions) available to youth 14+ only (boys and girls) and must have a parent who is a member.  Rehabilitation services also available for kids of members, 14+.

Get in touch with questions or to book youth/team training.

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