Loaded Dates

We’ve all been on one of those dates where we’re sitting across from that person we had high hopes for. It all sounded like a perfect match until you find out they’re in between jobs, sleeping on their grandma’s couch, and spent the last hour giving you way TMI about their last three exes.

Well this is a way more satisfying kind of loaded date. If you crave chocolate and sweet treats like we do, you’re gonna love a night in with a hot tea, Netflix, and a few of these bad-boys.

Recipe and photo courtesy of Lavinia Todor.


Medjool dates
Favorite nut butter
Almonds, whole
Chocolate puffed quinoa
Chia seeds
Toasted almonds
Toasted coconut
Cut the dates lengthwise and remove the pit. Then fill them with a little nut butter and the toppings of your choice. Get creative - post below and tell us your favourites!
WABAM!  Sweet craving, crushed.