“Revkor immediately changed my perspective on exercise and my health.  I finally found a workout I enjoy, PLUS I see and feel the benefits every day.  I had no idea I could feel as great as I do.  Pain no longer gets in the way of my life.  I feel stronger and in better shape than I have in my entire life.”

Meet Lyndsay, original Revver and one of two top winners from the 2015 Revkor Holiday Shred.


My Revkor journey began 3 years ago when my mom and I walked into a little studio in London.  Little did I know, my life would be changed forever.

When I was 17, I hurt my back working in a grocery store.  At 19, I was finally diagnosed with degenerative disks in my upper back and neck.  They told me that my 19 year old disks were in the condition of a healthy 60 year old’s, and I was informed that disability would worsen with age.  The doctors said there was nothing they could do, but that I could control how quickly the injury worsened.

It was recommended that I give up my dream to teach (which I did not) and stay away from any high impact activities.  I was even told that I would probably have to get a breast reduction later in life.  As such a young woman, I was horrified.  Eventually, I just accepted that I would have chronic pain for the rest of my life and there was nothing I could do about it.  The pain just became a way of life and I found ways to deal with it.  When we decided to try Revkor (FLXyoga back then!), I was assured that modifications would be given for all movements and that if anything hurt, not to do it.  Right away, Revkor helped me improve my core strength which has made the world of difference with back.

I quickly realized that Revkor was helping me and making me feel better.  I feel better now than I ever have; I had no idea I could feel as great as I do.  I still have back pain now and then, but they’re far and few between and are very short-lived.  Before I was in pain all the time, now if my back hurts, it only lasts a day or 2.

I am doing things I never dreamed possible!  It feels amazing to prove the doctors wrong.  I feel like I am a completely different person.  Before, I was coping with the pain and avoiding anything that might make it worse.  Now, I feel like I can take on anything, I’m not going to let some old injury get in my way of crushing my goals and taking risks!  I no longer use the excuse “I can’t, because I have a back injury”.

Revkor has even helped me evolve in my approach to teaching, as I can’t help but share my passion for a healthy lifestyle.  I don’t want my students to be intimidated by physical activity like I was as a kid.  I want to show them that there are so many ways to be active.  Also, Rev has made me realize that I can do anything I put my mind to, even when it seems unachievable.  I push my students to see that they can achieve anything, that they can make a difference, whether it’s for themselves or the others.

The results are what made me stick with Revkor from the start.  I felt better and that was worth it!  When Revkor came to Cambridge, I had a whole new reason to Rev: the community.  The people are so encouraging and supportive.  They make you believe that you can do anything!  I remember when revMIX was first introduced in Cambridge, Christie would be beside me and encourage me to keep going when I didn’t think I could.  That’s just the way this community is, everyone is welcomed and supported.  This workout is fun, it gives life changing results and has the most amazing community of people.  I couldn’t imagine my life without Revkor and all the people who call it home!

Congrats Lyndsay!  As one of our original Revvers, we’re so grateful for people like you and your mom who have supported us along the way!  When people wonder what 3 years of dedication and commitment to this workout is like, all they have to do is read this story. Kids in our community are so lucky to have you as a role model.  We’re so proud of you!