Join the fitness Revolution.

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Email to request your franchise package.  In your email, be sure to tell us where you’re from, where you’re interested in opening a studio, and a few reasons why you’re a fitness/small business renegade we’ll want to work with.

This is a fitness industry game-changer.

Bursting with passion about helping people find their best, strongest self?  Are you a born fitness leader?  Revkor™ is looking for entrepreneurs to join our franchisee team.  Brilliant business practices combined with a life-changing workout are about to be the talk of the industry.

We dream big, do you?

The Revkor™ team is made of industry revolutionaries, dynamic coaches and proven business experts who are ready to share their strategies for success, so you can build your dream business and inspire others.

Change lives: yours and theirs.

Revkor™ members say there’s “magic in the bands”.  This workout changes the way we feel on the inside.  Be ready to teach life-changing classes and experience that same magic on your own.

Become a business renegade.

The Revkor™ workout is anything but average, and there’s nothing status quo about the way we run our businesses.  If you’re inspired by the idea of challenging yourself to become a business superstar, then we want to hear from you.  Our instructor and franchisee training programs give you tools to empower yourself to become the kind of small business leader people talk about.

Innovative studios.

Our model shows you how to open a business for less - using creative thinking, great networks, and evolving strategies that give our studio owners the chance to find success more quickly.

Outstanding instruction.

You bring your magic, unstoppable energy and fitness/yoga experience, and our Level One certification provides you the framework to become an outstanding Revkor™ instructor.  We provide access to online continuing education and support to keep you connected and equipped with the tools you need to succeed.


As soon as I saw the Revkor™ systems  I knew this was going to be something big. It’s no surprise that the company is exploding…this is exactly what people have been waiting for. A quality workout in a fun group-fitness environment means all you have to do is show up knowing that no matter what class you come to, your body is changing for the better.