Meet Our Recipe Maven, Lavinia Todor!

Lavinia is a mom to two little girls; a serious picture at the bands, and has a passion for sharing healthy and delicious food!  Follow her on Instagram at lavi_fitmum.

I suppose it all started with my first ever Revkor Shred this past summer. I was so pumped and excited about the challenge. I primarily posted photos of my food to keep myself accountable and push myself to be creative with my meals and keep them clean. I’m the type of person that when I love something, I love it, and eat it every day.

Posting a picture every day for the full eight weeks kept me determined to come up with new, quick, and easy meals that were healthy.  Suddenly I started receiving recipe questions, and it made me happy to be able to inspire  and help someone else to eat healthy. Even more motivation to keep going!

Now, eating clean is just part of our lives.  As a mom to two little ones, it gives me the much needed energy to keep up. No more feeling sluggish or tired all the time.

What about feeding my family?  It wasn’t a hard transition for my husband to eat clean, since he eats just about anything. My girls on the other hand are very, VERY picky eaters. Offering them a wide range of clean foods and then offering them praise when they do try something has helped gently instil good eating habits over time. I try and just go with the flow with them as much as possible.

Something I do when they haven’t eaten very balanced is make them a smoothie with spinach, cucumber or carrot, fruit, full fat organic milk and some added fat like avocado or nut butter. Sometimes they are just a good way of getting valuable vegetables into their bodies without too much fuss.  Cooking together is another habit we got into, they help cut fruit with a blunt knife under close supervision or can throw seeds over a salad, etc.  It involves them and makes healthy food fun.

Meal planning and also staying aware of what I eat has helped me stay consistent. Food journalling has helped me realize how I feel when I eat certain foods, so eating things that make me feel great becomes easier.  After a splurge I often notice that I feel fine, because the other 80% of the time I’m staying on track.

Fitting fitness into a busy schedule is hard and exercise is often the first thing to get skipped from a busy calendar. With a little planning though, it’s possible! Support from my partner and family is definitely one of the reasons I can maintain and truly commit to a healthy and active lifestyle, so don’t be afraid to reach out and ask your network to help you get to your workout.  It keeps you strong and healthy and is worth every minute!  I never feel bad about prioritizing my loved ones and my health no matter how crazy my day may get.

My advice to other busy parents would be to remember your goals, remember your WHY, and most importantly remember you CAN. Striving to be healthier and happier NOW, and commit to continue that effort through all that life throws at you. You got this.

Through Revkor I have found my passion for fitness and healthy living. And it’s truly a journey of growing mentally, emotionally as well as physically.  One of the many reasons I keep coming back has to be the variety of workouts, and the fact that even after doing them for almost a year, it still challenges me.  Add to that the people and the positivity…I’m happy to be hooked and to be able to share my passion for food with this crew!