It’s now or never…this is GO-TIME.

This Week’s Rebel truth gets right to the point: To get where we want to go, we have to get out of our own way. As we move through the last few weeks of Rebellion, it’s more important than ever to keep our Rebel-game STRONG.

Why is our success sometimes sabotaged?

Because of US.

Sometimes it feels like everything stands in the way of our goals.  News flash: The universe isn’t out to get you….life is hard. It’s our thinking that stands in the way of seeing what we want and going for it.

Rebels get this.

We have to learn how to weather the storms with grace by caring for ourselves throughout the tough stuff. When life is at its hardest, your healthy habits and positive, rebellious mindset are what will help you through.

(Big obstacles in your life these days? We’ve come to believe that the greater the obstacle, the more badass the reward anyway, so let’s simply see road blocks as a wicked puzzle to solve so we can get to other side and say “HELL YES….I did it!”)


No tricks here, just solid GRIT.

  1. TRY HARDER. Don’t allow I CAN’T dialogue into the day.  There is always an answer. Reach out to your coaches for support.
  2. THE GOOD FORCE: By focusing on our strengths, perceived weaknesses take a back-seat allowing positivity to rule. Use this superpower daily.
  3. HABITS VS GOALS.  Goal crushed? Sometimes hitting a benchmark gives us the sense that we can stop working…this is why we prefer setting habits versus goals. Goals are great, but they can also throw us off-track.

This is our week to go for it, no holds barred.  How we make it happen:

  • We kill those workouts.  Arriving fuelled and going for it 110%.
  • We don’t just sort of eat well - results come with dedication…this week we crush food.
  • Us first. We know we’re better in work and life when we’re healthy and strong. Make you a priority.
  • The GOOD Force - like we mean it.
  • Lean on your crew.

Ready to rock? We know you are!