A whole new kind of hardcore.

During the FINAL WEEK of the Rebellion, our Rebel truth is this: Starting now, we’re a brand new kind of hardcore..for life.  To continue on our journey to success, we need the guts, the grit, and the FIRE of a true Rebel - always.  To persevere, live fearlessly, embrace failure and BELIEVE in what sometimes seems impossible, this takes a true Rebel spirit, inside and out.

The permanent Take-Back.

Remember where is all started?  At the beginning of this 8 week journey, we decided to take our power back.  We decided to be driven by a PASSION for being strong and healthy, instead of being motivated by BS ideals. We’ve taken healthy living back, and go forward on our own terms.  Because we feel so strong and empowered, we don’t let guilt, fear, or food control us.

Just because we’ve done the work doesn’t mean all the old tricks aren’t there.  We’re about to be inundated with New Year’s diets, detoxes, and bargain basement bootcamp deals all designed to make us feel like crap for enjoying the holidays…we have to keep taking it back.

We don’t know about you, but we’re completely done with measuring our legs, weighing our lunch, and feeling guilty all the time, so let’s commit to letting old habits go permanently.

Rebel tricks.

We now have a huge arsenal of tools and superpowers…keep using them!  Book mark this page so you always have access to all the tools from your Rebellion Take-Back.  They’re yours for life.

  1. The Take-Back: The Get Force
  2. The Grind: The Grit Force
  3. The Zone: The One Force
  4. The Guts: The Yet Force
  5. The Reset: The Steam Force
  6. The Crush: The Good Force
  7. The Crew: The Big Force
  8. The Rebel: The Rebel Force

The Rebel path is never smooth sailing, but now we know how to fall and get back up, again and again.  Keep crushing superstars…this week we put all we’ve learned to the test, living like the Rebel we’ve always been deep down. Ready to crush?