Week One: We take it back.

Here’s a single truth we cannot change:

The biggest successes in the world are born out of passion.  

This, Rebels, is why we have to start our 8 Week Take-Back by - you guessed it - taking the power back.

Have you ever noticed?  Typically when we try to do things for the wrong reason or go against our gut, we fail.  Can you think back to any examples of this in your own life?  We sure as hell know we can.

There are so many things in life we do because we feel we have to, and most times this is what leads us astray.  And when we do follow our passion, people tell us we’re crazy or that we’ll fail - with big and small things.  Any of these sound familiar?

  • “You can’t actually make a living as an artist.”
  • “You won’t look good with short hair.”
  • “Why would you want to run a marathon?”
  • “Don’t get the special, you always order the steak.”
  • “You’d have to be crazy to give up that job.”

Here’s the thing, and we’ll scream it in all-caps to help make this point oh-so clear: THE COOLEST SH*T IN THE WORLD HAPPENS WHEN WE SAY EFF THAT, I’M TRUSTING MY GUT AND GOING FOR IT.

What does this have to do with workouts and meals? EVERYTHING. 

What’s our driver for launching into this 8 Week Take-Back?  If numbers on a scale or a goal outfit are our answer, then we might have to dig deeper.  Why?  Because we won’t succeed unless we’re INSANELY PASSIONATE about our path and our goals, and we want you to MORE than succeed, we want you to BLOW YOUR OWN MIND.

This first step is probably the hardest step, because we’ve been conditioned all our lives to seriously buy into the ideas we hold so true about our bodies and how we look.  This is going to take some work - over the full 8 weeks and probably for life.

Together, let’s create a culture that is NOT motivated or driven by superficial ideals and quick-fix BS.  Let’s stop allowing scales, measuring tapes, clothing sizes and callipers to define us and - in ultimate Rebel fashion - DECIDE where we’re headed and why.  Who do we want to be, and how can our health and strength help get us there?

A healthy body - one fuelled by great food and strengthened through fitness and living well - is the ultimate vehicle to take on our passion journey.  Whatever it is we want to be more of, whatever small and HUGE dreams and goals we have, our physical health helps us have the endurance, vibrancy and motivation to stay the course.

A healthy state of mind - developed through positive thinking and taking time for well-being, is our ultimate goal-crushing weapon and most direct path to a fulfilled life.

In what ways do we want to LIVE LARGE?  What changes are we on the verge of believing we can make?  Let’s think of our health as the car we’re going to drive straight toward our goals and dreams.  Rebels  dream big and get back up each and every time we fall. So let’s do this together, superstars.  We’re taking it back and dedicating this 8 weeks TO US.

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