Eye on the prize.

In Week Two we got real about this Rebel truth: The road to great success is paved with HARD WORK…for life.

As we tackle Week Three, our goal is to get into the unstoppable goal-crushing mode we call The Zone. Why? Because this is another guaranteed fact: Those who succeed develop the ability to focus and drown out the doubts.

Hopefully in Week Two we got right into the mindset of The Grind.  Bring it on! Nothing can stop us.  Except for some of these…any sound familiar?

  • Work is getting pretty busy, I’ll have to press The Reset next week.
  • I’m just not feeling the results I want, it’s easier to just be “realistic” and tone down my efforts.
  • My friends tell me I’m obsessed with my workouts, maybe I should ease off.
  • I’m exhausted. Life is just too busy for all this. Maybe I’m not such a Rebel after all.

Step One: Climb the hurdles.

We get into The Zone by pushing past our doubts and choosing to become the person who achieves our goals.

We think we’re the only one with a perpetual reel of discouraging dialogue going through our minds, but guess what?  It’s there for everyone.  From Oprah to Gretzky, we’re pretty sure we won’t find anyone who doesn’t battle that doubting voice inside.

  1. Busy? This is what last week’s GRIND SWITCH is for!  The reality is we have to TRY harder to make space for ourselves.
  2. Discouraged?  We all feel it from time to time.  Listen to the Bandits! Revkor instructors are there to motivate you.  Results come in due time - you will meet your goals.
  3. Unsupported?  It’s more common than you would think. When we decide to do things for ourselves, sometimes others don’t like it. Know this negativity is about them, not you. Stay strong.
  4. Wiped?  Getting rest is key, but research shows that when we’re PUMPED about what we’re doing, we’re naturally more energized. Get rest, stay positive, and keep incorporating your JOYS from Week One.
  5. Compromised?  When we’re nursing an old injury or working with limited movement, it can be hard to stay positive.  Be sure to listen to your healthcare practitioner’s advice and if you’re cleared to exercise, focus on where you are strong.  Rebellion is about staying focused through ups and downs…use this challenge as a chance to strengthen your resolve.

Step Two: Zone-in.

The only person who can truly push us from slumped to pumped is US.  Here are our top tips for getting - and staying - in The Zone.

  1. FIXATE.  Over-achievers will tell you that when they have an idea or a goal, they are so passionate about crushing they become OBSESSED.  Write those goals down - look at them every day.
  2. CONCENTRATE.  When Sidney Crosby gears up to hit the puck, is he thinking about a pepperoni pizza or what’s happening on Game of Thrones? Odds are, the only thing he thinks, sees, feels…that puck. ZONE IN. How?  Use The ONE FORCE - this week’s Rebel Superpower!
  3. RECALIBRATE.  Keep using The GRIT FORCE to reframe hurdles and stay positive AF.

Getting into The Zone means hitting our stride.  By the end of Week Three, we’re closer to becoming a person who crushes goals on the regular ALL THE TIME.  With skills like that, what can’t we achieve?