BANDSLAY featuring the DAILY 8

MAY 7 - JUNE 28


Scroll down for more on how the Rebellion works!

New to a Revkor 8 Week Challenge? Each one is always a little different. This time we introduce a brand new tool: The Daily 8. What is it? Register and find out before the challenge!

Our Rebellion challenges are revitalizing, empowering experiences for ALL. It’s the OPPOSITE of the deprivation/burn-out/body-analyzing fitness challenge experience you’re used to.  We give old-school thinking the finger - saying no to analyzing our body fat, measuring our thighs, pointless diets, and setting ourselves up to fail.

Revkor is not about chasing someone else’s body ideals; it’s about testing limits, pushing boundaries and getting HEALTHY. It’s about harnessing all the strong work we do at the bands, and seeing just what we’ve got in all corners of life.

You deserve a healthy lifestyle for keeps.


YOU set the goals, together we CRUSH them.

We go farther than we think we can each day at the bands. What if we applied MORE of that same ballsy grit in life, too?  The Rebellion is about knocking it all out of the park and building the healthy body and life we want NOW.

Revkor’s Rebellion has changed hundreds of lives with our signature 8-step coaching experience.

Each week features a different step, designed to take us farther every step of the way.

Farther how?  Depends…where are you trying to go?  Rebellion helps us uncover our strongest, healthiest body; our most inspired, unstoppable self, and habits we KEEP for life.

With The Rebellion, YOU set the goals, and together we slay ’em.




  1. Upon registration, ask to join the Revkor Rebellion group on Facebook if you haven’t already.  The group is exclusively for Revvers doing the challenge!  It’s the best way for all of revNATION to connect throughout the challenge and beyond.
  2. By May 1, you’ll receive a welcome email with all the challenge info and prep you’ll need, including instructions for our simple Daily 8 method and a chance to SUBSCRIBE to 8 weeks of tips in your inbox.
  3. Your weekly step will arrive via Facebook or email, helping you push the potential of your Daily 8 method and maxing out results like never before.
  4. Join us on Facebook as our team presents live chats and motivation. We even answer questions on the spot and pump you up for a week of crushing! Eating and workout tips galore, and the general insanity you know us for 😉
  5. Not sure what to eat? We’ll send you some of our favourite tips. You can find LOADS of recipes and inspiration on the Facebook group and our blog.
  6. Track your workouts in-studio on everyone’s favourite sticker board!
  7. The BANDSLAY challenge takes us to a new level of accountability for ultimate results. Strive for the changes you want by going it it all you’ve got!

I don’t like diets.

Perfect! Neither do we. The Rebellion has nothing to do with dieting and everything to do with choosing foods we love and eating well for life.  We’ll learn more about how to use whole, healthy foods to fuel and recover from workouts which means better results, faster. We’ll leave diets in the 80s where they belong, with slouch socks and sweat bands.

WE are gonna push you HARDER this time!!! Expect things to get a little extra hardcore, Bandslayers!

I just want you to tell me what to eat.

We get it.  It’s easy to follow instructions and not have to think.  Instead, let’s be empowered to decide for ourselves…every body need different fuel and recovery, so we’ll learn a lot along the way on how to make decisions right for us.  If you’ve done challenges with us in the past, most of the food principles are the same.  We’ll challenge ourselves to eat real, healthy foods in ways we can sustain for life, so no jackass ever sells us a cucumber and rice-cake diet again.  Right?

We’ll share what works for us (reduced dairy, plenty of veggies, lean meats, fresh fruits, seeds and nuts, whole grains…) and open up conversations about food across the board. Let’s learn!

Do I have to do a bazillion workouts?

The idea is to set goals you keep crushing FOREVER. What does that look like for you?  This is not a burnout-style fitness challenge where you murder yourself on a soccer field for 6 weeks on a smoothie diet, then fall off the fitness wagon because you’re injured and hungry AF for a pepperoni pizza.  We like to push ourselves during these challenges, but we’ll teach you how to work out smarter so your results game is strong.

We’ll give you our workout recipe for success, and it’s a lot more balanced than you might think.

(Sometimes less is more when it comes to workouts!)

I don’t need food and fitness support.

High-fives!  The reality is that there’s always room to step it up; who knows what you’ll learn? Doing the Rebellion is about more though, it’s like LIVING your favourite self-improvement book. We focus on way more than food and fitness; this is about giving yourself the attention you deserve to focus on getting back to the things you love - the things you want most for yourself!  This is BIG!

I’m in, let’s register!


Oh, and did we mention you could WIN A WHOLE YEAR?

Click above for the full scoop on prizes and how to get your badass, limited edition challenge crew-neck.