Many of you tell us that one of your favourite things about Revkor™ sequences is that they help us build true muscle in dynamic, fun ways.  We get to Rev our way to a strong, lean body together with good music, challenging movements, great variety, and a pretty great crew of spirited people around us. To get the most out of your efforts, consider spending time in your classes working on truly isolating the muscle we’re focusing on, making a big difference in your progress!

Here’s how we do it.

  • Listen closely to the teacher’s cueing during class to be reminded of which muscles we’re doing in each movement.
  • Get connected to your own body awareness…asking ourselves - which muscles should I be isolating here?
  • Bring your attention to the specific muscle or muscle group throughout the repetition, actually squeezing the muscle at the bottom of the rep
  • Feel your muscles Rev up…wow!

Research shows that just thinking of the muscle during engagement actually increases activation within that muscle.  Cool right?  Through simple focus and awareness, you can increase your muscle gains, getting more shredded by the second.