Meet Courtney, another winner of our Revkor™ Summer Shred.  There’s a whole bunch of things we love about Courtney and high on the list is what a shining example she is to people in their early twenties.  So many of us head off to school and fall right off the rails on the fast-food and beer train, at a time in life when we should be feeling young, vibrant, and up for anything.  Packing on pounds and losing muscle early in adulthood doesn’t feel good but so many people do it, and fall into a rhythm of unhealthy living.  Not this girl - she chose goodness.

Courtney went off to travel this year for a couple months, enjoying sunshine and good times but ready to get back to the bands.  Lucky to have a seriously incredible Rev-mom (Lise won our 2014 Holiday Shred!), this Shred champ and her motivating sidekick tackled the challenge with unstoppable energy and the results are obvious.  We’re so proud of you Courtney!  You’ve chosen healthy, awesome and strong. YES!

“I had a lot of people tell me that doing this challenge was ridiculous & pointless because “you don’t need to lose weight”.  Well, I may appear that way because of my natural body structure (thanks mom!) however I felt in no way thin, fit, or toned like I wanted to be.

This two month shred helped me get back to proper eating habits, regular exercise, working muscles that hadn’t been worked in over two months and just overall feeling better about myself! Recently I’ve loved being able to see…. my abs. Yes that sounds superficial but aside from feeling good about myself on the inside I love how my body looks & I can’t wait to put on a bathing suit!

During the Revkor Shred Challenge I often found myself saying “hey mom did you see me? I did it!” Referring to Rev moves that I usually did modifications on, but can now do the full move for the full amount of time! Just yesterday I completed the side-plank bicep curl perfectly, feet stacked and everything! It’s those moments leaving class when I can tell I have personally improved that makes me love my Rev workouts! Even if I’m exhausted from my day I find energy to go to Rev, push myself, and not surprisingly feel great afterwards!

I’m a Revver for life. Proud of my new summer body!!”