Meet Karen, our final winner of the Revkor™ Summer Shred!

Karen found Revkor™ at Moksha Yoga Cambridge and never looked back.  Probably the happiest MIXer we’ve ever seen, Karen beams during lunge-punches and Heismans – she loves her workout and you can see it!

Strong since the day we met her, Karen wins for her super-awesome Shred results and the unstoppable positive energy she brings with her to class every single day.  Congrats Karen!  Here, she shares her LOVE/hate intro to revMIX and reminds all of us why we should push through and Rev it Up!

How do I get across how much I LOVE my Revkor workouts?  A couple of words quickly come to mind….mind blowing awesomeness!  RevMIX classes are like nothing in fitness I have ever experienced.  I admit, it started as a love/hate relationship!  I continuously questioned “why in the %$&!” am I doing this to myself?!!!” Then the workout is over and you experience that euphoric “YES” I can do anything!

That is how revMIX started for me.  7 weeks later I find myself setting personal goals in many of the sequences .  It has evolved from a mindset of just getting thru the workout to “c’mon Karen you can push yourself harder and do more reps or go faster” – you get the point!!  The instructors are super pumped and motivating and that certainly helps my workout to get “revved” up, the sweat pouring and heart rate going!!  I love it!!

I equally love revYOGA and revSPORT. The stretch and strengthening I get from these classes is amazing and a a great complement to MIX and hot yoga.

And it gets better.  On top of the amazing Revkor workouts and the awesome impact they’ve have had on my fitness level – the benefits have trickled into my eating habits.  I now crave things like sheep’s milk yogurt with honey and chia seeds, the green broccoli and spinach smoothie, and the list goes on!  The other bonus to Revkor is the simple fact that I am a lot happier and nicer to be around…and for that my family says “thank you” Revkor!!!!

So thank you Revkor Cambridge  - I feel like this shred has introduced me to a whole new lifestyle that I am totally digging!!