Hey revNATION!

If you’re at the beginning of your Revkor™ Shred, here are a few simple food tips to inspire!

Keep it simple.  Don’t overthink your meals - Revvers are busy!  One of the best things about eating clean is enjoying fresh, whole foods.  Take a peek at the “I’m too busy for dinner” Dinner to pull you out of any clean-cooking ruts.

It’s a lifestyle.  It’s NOT a diet.  And anyway, who diets?  Is this 1987?  Our Revkor™ Shred is designed to help us bring healthier habits into our homes.  This Cleaned up Happy Meal will make even the pickiest kids pumped about eating clean.

Eat delicious things. We are detoxing from refined sugars and flours but not from yummy-ness!  Get creative!  Search for shred-friendly baking tips, looking for recipes that fit the bill.  Trade treats with your Shred friends and try new things.  Paleo and vegan sites are a great resource.  These No Muffin-Top Revkor Wonder Muffins will rock your world AND fuel one hell of a revMIX practice.  Bake up a batch and share with your studio besties.

Prep big batches.  Make your life a thousand times easier by preparing your meals in advance.  It’s also a great practice to pre-cook, chop, separate and organize your foods in the fridge to make meal-prep a breeze.  This Super Clean Chicken Salad will be a hit with everyone, it even makes a gorgeous lunch for guests served over fresh bibb lettuce.

Share your favourite tips and recipes on social media using the hashtag #revkorshred!

Stay tuned for more recipe goodness revNATION!



Erin + Ange.