Have you ever met someone who makes you happy just by existing?  Meet the next winner from our Revkor™ Summer Shred!  Our very own Madeline is a grad from our January 2015 Certification program.  A natural teacher and motivator, this little spitfire kind of blows us away with her awesomeness.

We chose Madeline as one of three RevLIFE winners not only because of her incredible Shred commitment, but also because of the rocking example she is to people in their early twenties.  Her commitment to living healthy and inspiring others to do the same is just one of many ways this being is a natural leader and inspiration.

While Maddy was already in killer shape when the challenge started, you can’t deny how strong she looks now!  Congrats Madeline!  You are such an important part of revNATION and our London Market Studio!

“My clean eating journey started with certification at the end of January. If I was promoting clean eating to our members I better practice what I preach. I wasn’t ignorant I was just lazy. For the shred I kicked it up tenfold; I wanted to challenge myself and really see what my body could do. It was hard to get into classes  because everyone was going hard core for this shred, so my results were going to be dependant on how I ate.

From the beginning I knew this would be the hardest part for me. Clean eating is a big mental challenge. I became the household grocery shopper; I ate consistently throughout the day and I rarely left the house without multiple healthy snacks. This lifestyle is truly all about balance, I pressed the Revkor Reset a couple of times and still ended up with results I am super proud of. I came out of this challenge with habits I can maintain and continue to work and improve on, and I could not be more excited to see where it takes me!” ~Madeline