Meet Revkor™ Shred second prize winner, Kathryn!

In the past 2 plus years, Kathryn has probably stepped up to the bands more than any other member.  A staple at our founding studio in London, Kathryn is a major fixture in the Rev community in so many ways.  We actually call her our Rev-Police, (aka Rev Popo!!) because she helps keep our creative and dream-chasing company in check!  Always there helping new students and adjusting bands, our London Market studio simply wouldn’t be the same without her.

Seeing Kathryn’s transformation brings tears to our eyes (ok who are we kidding, full-out bawling!). Stories like these are a shining example of why we’ve incorporated clean-eating into the Rev culture.  So many unstoppable people bring their whole hearts into workouts then find themselves disappointed with their lack of results.  Add a little clean-eating and BOOM!  Members uncover the strength and definition they’ve had all along.

Kathryn is the second prize winner of our 2015 Revkor™ Summer Shred, and her results speak for themselves.  But she also wins for being such an integral part of revNATION.  Congrats Popo…we love you!  You inspire so many!

Two years ago I had no idea how much of an impact this workout was going to have on my life.


Two years ago I tried my first class with a friend who was my main motivator for working out.  I had never found a workout that I could stick to for longer than a few months but luckily, I had that friend beside me motivating me to keep going and somehow, after that first hump of getting used to the movements and the cuing - I was HOOKED!!!


Since I started Revving I have always noticed subtle things; the movements started to become easier or I could actually do some of the movements that I couldn’t at the start.  I also started to notice a subtle change in my body…I had muscles (sometimes hidden but I know they were there). That development continues on; Rev keeps challenging me to do better/do more and continue to grow my strength.


The REAL change came for me during the first shred, but i didn’t see it until I had eaten my way out of all the success I had gained during the shred. I was obviously discouraged with myself but couldn’t get myself back on track until the spring shred started-I knew what I had to do to succeed this time: just stay at it! 


Through the last 7 weeks I have felt so much support from all the other revvers and instructors (who are all amazing Revvers too).  To my surprise, things I thought I couldn’t EVER do a month ago, I’m starting to be able to do, slowly but surely!  I also know that as soon as things get comfortable, Angela will be there with a new way to intensify the workout and to keep the forward motion going. ~ Kathryn