Erin Moraghan runs Revkor™ with her superstar partner Angela Rivard. She is a writer, Revkor™ instructor, yoga teacher, and business-builder. But who really cares? We’re here to talk about kale and muscles. Let’s do this!


As a long-time yoga teacher, one of my favourite things about getting back to my fitness roots and instructing Rev classes is the sense of community and non-stop chatter in the room!  In yoga we tend not to talk in the practice room, so at Moksha Yoga Cambridge, which offers a great roster of Revkor™ programming, students can’t get enough of the opportunity to connect.

Meet two of my favourite bubbly Revvers: Sarah and Kayla!  Colleagues and friends, these two are so much fun to have in the room because they bring 100% energy and non-stop smiles to the bands.

As two primary school teachers, Kayla and Sarah chat about their love for Revkor™, how their workouts make them (even more) amazing at their jobs, and how they feel in their new Revved up bodies!

If you’re a school-teacher off for the summer, find yourself a Revkor™ class and take advantage of the summer months to find your strongest self, inside and out.  If you’re wondering whether Revkor™ is right for you, read S+K’s reflections below and discover that this really is everyone’s workout!

Happy summer!

“I first tried Rev in March and have been coming to class consistently since.  I have absolutely loved it from day one! This class motivates me to push and feel great about myself. I love the atmosphere in the room. Even though it is a challenging class, it is easy to feel comfortable.

Over the last three months I have noticed a change in my energy and mood…I feel good after I do a Rev class and I have had a lot more energy in my day-to-day routines.  I have recently been through some difficult things in my life and have found that Revkor and yoga anchor me in helping my physical and emotional self, my mood and my overall outlook on life. It has helped me find myself as well as be a part of a wonderful and supportive community.

I have also noticed a significant change in my muscle gain. I have been looking for this change for a long time and have found it to be a slow and difficult process. I’m fairly lean and consider myself active and fit but I have a difficult time gaining muscle. I have never noticed such a change in any other physical activity that I have taken part in. I feel and look more muscular and I am happy with my physical appearance! This class is exactly what I need to feel good both inside and out. 

I have a lot more energy while I am teaching, which in Kindergarten is a necessity! I am very calm and relaxed during my work day and I think my students feed off of that energy as well.

I would tell people that are new to Rev to just give it a try. I think that it is a great class for every kind of person and all levels. It is very accommodating and accessible to everyone. It will be challenging in such an amazing way! Everyone is so friendly, motivating and accommodating. The first time I tried it I was very nervous but I am so glad that I did! It adds an element of fun and uniqueness to your workout, which I think is rare to find. It has been such a great experience and I am looking forward to continuing it!”  ~Kayla 


“When I first did a Rev class the energy around me was amazing. Having someone there to guide you and push you harder then you would push yourself alone at the gym is great! I love how people taking the class push you as well. The atmosphere and friendships I have formed since starting has been so much fun!

Even when you think you have mastered a move, there is always another way to make it more challenging and therefore there are always ways to keep pushing yourself to get the best result for your body! You work your butt off when you are in there, and can’t wait to get back once it’s done!

Since March  2015 I have lost 15 lbs and have gained so much strength and muscle. I feel more energetic on a daily basis while at the same time more relaxed. I am usually a very high-strung person, rushing from one thing to the next.  Since taking Rev classes, I feel that I have learned how to slow down and find the joy in all the things around me every day. Overall I am a happier person.  I love the feeling you get after class. You feel charged, refreshed and ready to take on the day.

I feel that I never truly balanced my work life and personal life. I used to think that the more time I spent preparing for lessons, the better teacher I would be. While being prepared is important, I have realized how important it is to spend some time away from work to clear my head and focus on myself.  Rev classes have made me feel that I am able to approach each day with more energy, and a clear, focused mind. In turn I feel that my lessons and teachings are better directed towards my students and that as a class we are much more engaged in our learning!

Rev is a class that anyone at any level of fitness can be successful at. Whether you have never worked out before, or are a high level athlete, there are always modifications for each move so the move can be more difficult, or a little simpler. I find myself switching between all the different variations of moves during classes depending on injuries, soreness etc. You never feel out of place doing a modification because others always are too! Rev classes allow you to push yourself to be your absolute best!” ~Sarah