Want to CRUSH your Revkor high intensity workouts?

Are you a revMIX junkie?  Our high intensity classes like revMIX 1, 2, 3 - and our latest killer sequence revFIX – are an obsession.  There is nothing like that feeling of challenging yourself to push out your best possible minute at the bands.

If you’re new to Rev, you might be wondering how to get better at these classes.  Will those burpee climbers ever get easier? And Rev veterans know that while we always find progress, these classes are always one of the most challenging workouts going.

We recently wrapped up our annual Revkor Holiday Shred, (WABAM!) and 8 weeks of hardcore Revving and super-clean eating turned more people than ever into revMIX and revFIX junkies!  You’d be hard-pressed to find a workout that delivers those kinds of rapid results in such a fun package.

Want to seriously step up your game and challenge yourself to find the most killer planks, powerful jump lunges, and pushups that would make any athlete envy your strength?

The answer might not be what you think.

Revkor no-impact sequences are designed to help you develop unparalleled stability, mobility and deep power.  This is why so many elite athletes call our original sequences like revSPORT and revYOGA their secret weapon, helping them achieve top performance on the ice, the field, the ring…

The controlled, focused movements help you isolate your muscle groups and build strength from a foundation of good form.  Unlike training with free weights and other less dynamic equipment, the constant tension on the resistance bands asks so much more from your body.  The focused pace of the class means your instructor can help you find the best possible form and range of motion.  You’ll be building true strength at record speed, with core power like you’ve never had before.

Before long - BOOM!  You feel unstoppable in your planks and empowered by your perfect pistol squats.  Your core endurance is a whole new ballgame.  Suddenly your revMIX and revFIX classes are taken to a whole new level, because you took the time to implement our no-impact sequences into your routine.

If you think these classes are too slow, think again.  The proof is in your results.  Trust us hardcores…your secret weapon is all over your Rev schedule.  Make time for even one or two of these classes weekly and watch your form, your energy, your endurance and even your appearance completely transform.

Revkor no-impact sequences include:

  • revYOGA
  • revSPORT
  • revFAVES
  • revFLOW
  • revGLORE
  • revCOMBO

#SeeYouAtTheBands revCHAMPS!