The best coach.

Imagine if someone else spoke to us - or treated us - the we do to ourselves?  Simple statements like “my bad knee”, “my weak back”; or “I’m not very strong”, “I don’t do cardio”…how does this affect our brain?  We need more from ourselves - we have to be our own best motivator.

First, story time 😉

Erin here. I thought I had a pretty “bad” shoulder.  I’ve had a slew of breaks and tears along the way, but my left shoulder was my nemesis. Pre-Revkor, my yoga journey taught me how to modify movements to nurture and protect those “injuries”.  I would attend classes and move with great care, learning as much as I could about precise alignment and not pushing past perceived limits.  I was either encouraged to embrace my limitations through acceptance, or spend hours working on them with various blocks, straps, pillows and workshops.

10 years went by and I found myself feeling stuck, apathetic and incapable in my body. Where was my fire and fight?  When athletes are using prosthetics to finish record-breaking sprints; when veterans are rebuilding after huge trauma, I could hardly cry in my organic hemp flakes about my tricky shoulder.   Everyone has an injury, illness or mechanical issue within the body that limits them.  Everyone.

I decided to get over myself and my shoulder, and everything changed. I stopped thinking of my shoulder as bad, and started thinking of it as badass.  My shoulder hadn’t failed me, my shoulder had adventures, and the rest of me is stronger now to help support that edgy, full-living mofo. Teamwork!  To get back to work and push myself to be stronger, I just had to get out of my own way and do it.  As it turned out, the bands have been transformative and helped me get back to dynamic, powerful movements, just as so many others have experienced.

Build “GOOD Force” Muscle.

Revvers tell us all the time about their bad knee, hip, shoulder, neck, foot…we think it’s time to change that language.  As active people, we’re bound to have injuries. As humans, we’re bound to get sick.  With The GOOD Force, we use that Rebel fight to change perception from bad to badass.  

Rebel tricks.

  1. THE GOOD. One leg stronger than the other? Awesome.  Instead of feeling exasperated in Pistol squats on one side, focus on how much power you feel on your strongest side. The positive shift will urge your right leg’s next-door neighbour to catch up. We focus on The GOOD.
  2. OOPS, MY BAD. Avoid saying “my bad ___”.  There is nothing “bad” about anything in our bodies.  This is the most important part of The GOOD Force.
  3. THE RENEGADE. Old injuries make us hardcore.  They make us human.  Injuries mean we’ve LIVED.
  4. THE CRUSH.  Focus on the things you crush and don’t worry too much about the rest. If you’re already good at pushups, step up your game and become better. Improvements make us feel accomplished and so GOOD!
  5. BREAK IT DOWN. Use tiny goals to break down huge challenges, setting yourself up for a journey of small successes that lead to BIG CRUSHING.

*Always be sure you have clearance from your healthcare team to exercise if you’re dealing with your own injuries or illnesses.  WABAM!