We decide.

If we’re taking it back for life, then the REBEL Force becomes the most important superpower yet. It’s about always thinking for ourselves, and making decisions that are aligned with our values and our vision…not someone else’s.

Build “REBEL Force” Muscle.

It’s human nature to want to be handed the answers sometimes…we have a lot on our plates!  This is why we love having trainers, coaches, and mentors - we love benefitting from an expert.  But what happens when we stop questioning direction? When we no longer check in to make sure we’re operating in line with what we want?  Here are our favourite ways to check in and make sure we’re operating right from the gut.

Rebel tricks: thinking for ourselves.

  1. QUESTION IT.  We make sure we’re to blindly believing advice by always asking the question “why?”
  2. GO WITH THE GUT. It rarely leads us astray.
  3. CURE THE DISEASE TO PLEASE: Taking action to impress or please someone else will ultimately always end poorly.
  4. HOMEWORK.  Doing the research means we’re empowered with knowledge.
  5. GRAIN OF SALT.  Every expert comes with their own biases…it’s up to us to use all the information available to us and make our own judgement calls.
  6. NO F@*KS!  People won’t always agree when we go against the stream and do what feels right for us.  A Rebel gives zero effs.