We’re taking it back and changing our thinking.

We’ve talked about damaging ideals, dieting obsessions, and the way the industry wants us to measure and weigh ourselves like meat at the deli counter.

What’s the big thing you’re taking back?  In what ways are you letting go of the BS?

What if we stopped telling ourselves, “I’ll be happy when…”?

What would life be like if we stopped comparing from a place of discouragement, and started believing, aspiring and striving?

We’ve all caught ourselves having internal dialogue…

“Once I:

  • drop ten pounds
  • have ripped abs
  • fit into those jeans
  • sail through burpees
  • quit my job
  • buy that car…

I’ll be happy. I’ll be who I want to be.”

There’s nothing wrong with these aspirations.  Maybe you’ll legit feel killer fitting into those badass jeans; maybe sailing around in those fancy new wheels will bring hours of road-trip pleasure.

What we need to take back is the idea that we are somehow “less than” NOW.

Just because we want to evolve, it doesn’t mean that we currently suck. Am I right?  Changing our thinking isn’t easy, but Revvers have superpowers.  Let’s go back to the GET Force, shall we?

We don’t HAVE to drag our heels on the long road to where we want to be.  Let’s remind ourselves every day: I GET to be STRONG ENOUGH to be on this fitness journey. I GET to experience these personal challenges, and test my resolve.  I GET to aspire to all kinds of things, and today, I GET to feel good knowing that I am one superstar badass Rebel who’s driven and determined enough to test my limits and strive for more when I want to.

Next time we find ourselves coveting someone’s killer abs or lake-side cottage, can we change our thinking from “why does that mofo get all the luck?” to “Man that’s inspiring.  I GET to be on a journey one day at a time that takes me closer to my goals as long as I stay focused on being strong.”

How to stay strong?  WABAM! That’s what the Rebellion is FOR.  8 weeks of healthy habit-building.  By the time we’re done, we’ll all be goal-crushing, positive thinking, superstar renegades with all the secret weapons we need to climb higher and achieve more than ever.

DON’T STOP. Remember, this is all for you.