The secret recipe for success, and you happen to have it.

In the early summer of 2015, Ange and I were about two days into one of our quarterly work retreats.  Sitting on the back deck of our of our Revver’s beach-side homes, we were in heaven!  Three days to dream HUGE without any limits.  Where could we take Revkor?

It was on this Grand Bend trip that we developed the strategy to move our growing London-based company to a franchise.  We had lofty goals and were having a blast figuring out how to tackle them.

Angela’s new partner Al joined us for dinner on our second night.  This was one of my first times meeting him, and I was excited to learn that Ange had connected with such a bright, driven entrepreneur.  We opened good wine and settled in for a fun night of start-up themed chats.

Based on my work with so many business owners, Al wanted to know: what did I think the magic recipe was?  What made the difference between average and outstanding?  What did I see in Ange when we first met that set her apart?  My answer came to me instantly, and was inspired by every badass change-agent I know.  The magic?

Balls and steam.

I’ve been lucky enough to work with unbelievable mentors who’ve achieved huge successes.  I’ve watched many business owners fail.  I’ve also had my own invaluable experiences both soaring and tanking, and nothing has taught me more.

A fancy pedigree, unstoppable network, the highest education; these are not secrets to success.  Loads of money, all the right investors - that’s not it either.  In life and business, the people who’ve inspired us most - the ones experiencing the most authentic success - they all have the guts to try and the endurance to stay the course…no matter how hard.

As partners, Ange and I have a zillion differences.  One thing we share that runs deep to our core, is a relentless drive to move ideas forward.  This compulsion to create change, make things bigger and better, and to constantly push boundaries was the magnetic force that brought us together the moment we started working together.

Maybe we’re crazy or drink too much coffee but we’ve also learned not to quit.  We make mistakes but - with help and support - we’ve taken failing off the table. We have to position every setback as a chance to regroup and crush harder - we learned this from the best.  This is made so much easier by having each other to count on when things get tough.  We’re always there to pump each other up and keep putting one foot in front of the other to stay the course. Sound familiar Revvers?

I’m not saying we’re more awesome than anyone else.  We do have balls and steam, but speaking for myself, I possess a whole host of undesirable qualities!  I’m a half-assed listener, lousy team player and rotten student.  I have dropped out of almost everything academically - I even walked out of a drawing class I signed up for this fall because I didn’t like the instructor’s overuse of the word “wow”.  I always have an opinion, my husband tells me I have no patience, and I seriously suck at saying I’m wrong.

These days when we’re looking for ballsy/steamy inspiration, we look no farther than the bands.  No one proves our theory more accurate than you.

What makes a Revver succeed?  It isn’t stepping to the bands with the best physique, agility or ability.

It’s balls and steam, baby.  The GUTS to try a workout with crazy sh!t that hangs from the ceiling and asks you to push harder than you may ever have before.  The ability to STICK WITH IT, no matter how many setbacks.  How many times have we dropped to our knees in revMIX classes?  We’ve all wanted to bail on Crow Press instead of pushing out one more rep.  it takes serious steam to keep going.  Every single one of us has fallen off the rails during Shred season, despite the very best of intentions.  We didn’t show up to quit…but when we do drop to our knees - because some days are a hell of a lot harder than others - we shake it off and show up for the next class like a warrior - ready for a fresh start.

We wrote “Balls and steam” on our whiteboard the second it came out of my mouth, and it has been our credo and commitment to each other and our Revvers ever since.

Want to quit trying?  Bail on shred?  Abandon your workouts?  Forget your passions and take the easy road?  Hell yes, we all do sometimes.  It’s ok to feel that way but we dig deep, find the guts to take one courageous step forward, and stay on track.

It’s how we roll - every ballsy, steamy, badass renegade step of the way.  Together.