It’s crunch time revNATION!  We have just over one week to polish off this Shred Challenge and uncover your strongest, most happy, healthy and energized body of your LIFE!

As we enter our very last days of Shred, here are our top 5 tips to make the last days count double-time!

  1. HYDRATE!  Drink lots of water, keeping the body hydrated.  Squeeze some lemon in that water to replace electrolytes and even add a bit of pink himalayan salt to replace trace minerals from sweating.
  2. GREENS! GREENS! GREENS!  Nothing will rev up your Shred like loading up on veggies!  Make veggies the foundation of as many meals as you can.  Learn how to make crucifers even better for your body here.  If you’re new to greens for breakfast, wait till you see how awesome you’ll feel all day long!  Fry your egg and serve it with steamed bok choy or sautéed beet greens and swiss chard.  Happy tummy all day long!
  3. SUPER CLEAN!  We’ve encouraged little indulgences along the way.  What if we clean it right up for the next ten days?  Ditch all the prepared foods like GF pasta and opt for 100% clean, whole food all week long. Go completely booze-free.  You’ll feel a difference asap.
  4. REV IT UP!  Get to 3 revMIX classes a week and BRING IT!
  5. LOVE YOURSELF! You absolutely have to balance out all your dedication with some nourishing chill-time.  Pour a green tea, have a hot bath, book a little afternoon at the spa.  If you do choose a spa-day, opt for a massage and body scrub!  Both support the detox process while giving you the R+R you so deserve.