Mondays with mad potential!

Here’s why we think Mondays have magic when it comes to creating the lifestyle we want.

A week of goal-crushing.

If we want the most from our workouts, they have to be habit instead of chance.  Instead of squeezing it in when there’s time (because let’s be serious…there’s always something else we could think of doing), scheduling a start-of-the-week workout makes us way more likely to make fitness - and goal-crushing in general - a priority all week long.

The slippery slope factor.

Have an intense weekend of BBQs and cocktails?  Cheers to that - weekends are for good times! Postponing a return to workouts makes us more likely to talk ourselves out of fitness all week long…”I’ll get back there next week when I’ve eaten a little better/feel less bloated/have more energy…” Sound familiar?  We love nipping it in the bud and locking that Monday workout in, guilt-free and ready to rock.

Bring on the week!

Feel-good endorphins from crushing a Monday workout give us a more positive outlook on the day and week ahead. Who doesn’t want a healthy dose of unstoppable hell-ya on a Monday? #WABAM

Kitchen crushing.

Starting the week strong also makes us WAY more likely to start the week food-prepped and eating well.

The ultimate re-do!

No matter what last week was like, Monday is the best time to say f*ck it and start from scratch.