It’s Shred Season again!!  Everyone wants the same thing - to FEEL INCREDIBLE.  We get loads of questions about how it works:

  • What is this Shred?
  • Can you send me the diet plan?
  • How much weight will I lose?
  • Where can I buy my Shred food?
  • How many calories can I eat?
  • Will you send me a food scale?
  • How long will to take me to fit into my fave skinny jeans?

It’s not about that.

We encourage people to snap “before” pics so they have a visual record of their progress, so sometimes people think we run the Revkor Shred twice to focus on how we look.  You know, ripped abs and spray tans…because sometimes that is how we roll.  We get why people might think that.

But it’s not about that, either.

Most people start shredding with us for the same reasons they started Revving: they want to look and feel better. But they stay for so much more.  If you’ve Shredded with us before, then you know by now what it’s really all about.

We ACTUALLY have your success down to a science.

For real.  See, studies prove that when the people we surround ourselves with people who are unhealthy, overweight, and sedentary, we are more likely to be the same.  When the people we work and live with are negative, critical, and “stuck”, you guessed it - the heaviness weighs us down and can stop us in our tracks.

The fix? A crew of goal-crushers.

When we’re surrounded by people who strive for progress, who know they have more inside of them, who want to be strong, healthy and unstoppable, science tells us that we are more likely to feel empowered.  So, all you have to do is BE IN A ROOM with great people, and you start to become even more awesome without even trying.

So THIS is why we Shred.

Just over two years ago when we decided to launch this program, Angela and I were at a place in life and business when we decided to CHOOSE OURSELVES.  To believe in our goals and ideas no matter what.  We had each others’ backs and some incredible people around us…so good things started to happen.  Because of our shared positivity, it became easier to take risks.  Doing things we believed in became a no-brainer.  Extraordinary people surrounded us, so we made healthier, more inspired choices in work and life.  It was that simple.

We’re more likely to create permanent change when we:

  1. Have a built-in support network (your revNATION crew)
  2. Hang with people who are killin’ it (there’s a reason Revvers ultimately become friends!)
  3. Don’t feel set up to fail (The Revkor Reset always reminds us that regrets are pointless - it’s all about going forward.)

Eating better is just the start.  

When you start to CHOOSE YOUR OWN WELLBEING as a priority, that crazy-goodness will change the hell out of all corners of your life.  You’ll see!  Keep striving for your goals and feel good knowing you are SO set up to succeed!  Hitting the bands is guaranteed to empower…we can’t wait to see where we all go from here.



Erin + Ange